Art Direction and Website for ‘Passion Propaganda’ a Fashion brand from Istanbul

Edis Perişanım

Creative direction for the Turkish Pop singer Edis single Perişanım including cover artwork, 3D logo design and the social media campaign.

Creative direction & cover artwork for the Turkish Pop singer Gülsen’s single Nirvana feat. Edis.

dda5 2048x1175 1
dda7 2048x1175 1 scaled

Working within the medium of 3D and web design, Cost of Gold examines the symbolic value of gold in its natural state. Through interactive visual storytelling, the user navigates within a 3D gold mine. In that way, the user has a spatial and size comparison of the amount of the gold in relation to the mine.


dataism4 scaled
dataism5 scaled

A digital publishing project, Ikonographie des Dataismus, explores three different historical belief and value systems: Theism, Humanism and Dataism. Through the lens of iconographic imagery, web and literature research, this project aims to set analogies of contrasting visual languages of each belief and value systems.


ApotheumOrg scaled
Fb banner

Digital and print poster design for ‘Playa Apotheum Music Festival NY’ 2019.

Tra My Lang

Lookbook editorial and web publishing identity for Tra My Nguyen’s collection XLoca


Digital and print poster design for Kelman Duran’s EU 2019 Tour