Telling our Stories
Telling our Stories

we had the pleasure to be part of @isdbund project ‚Telling our Stories’, conceptualizing and designing the digital exhibition.
This project was directed and created by Jeanne Nzakizabandi and Siraad Wiedenroth. Thank you for the trust.

Compiled as a 7 chapters podcast and digital exhibition ‚Telling our Stories‘ aims to attempt to narrate Black German history in its ambivalence and interconnection. In doing so, it focuses on the theme of migration and raises questions such as: how do subversive moments manifest? Where does the potential for identification exist for us today? What can be learned from a glimpse into the past?

Direction at Large & Concept: Siraad Wiedenroth
Project Management, Podcast Host & Concept: Jeanne Nzakizabandi @jeanne.nzk
Sound Concept & Production: Géneviève Lakoéle Lassey
Exhibition Concept & Web Design: Studio ABO @studio.abo
Website Development: · Anna Greunig
Research: Merle Kondua
Texts and Editing: Jeanne Nzakizabandi, Merle Kondua
Proofreading: Eleonore Wiedenroth–Coulibaly
Transcription: Jan Weidner
Translation: Dehom Melissa Pereira Gnassingbe, Siraad Wiedenroth
Public Relations: Christelle Nkwendja-Ngnoubamdjum
Interviews with: Sandra Karangwa, Josephine Apraku, Mnyaka Sururu Mboro, Dr. Ismahan Wayah, Eleonore Wiedenroth–Coulibaly, Olga Macuacua, Dr. Natasha A. Kelly
Narrators: Christelle Nkwendja-Ngnoubamdjum, Eric Otieno
A special thank you goes to: Nicola Lauré al Samarai, Paul Arzten, Folasade Farinde, Kirsten Köhler, Adel Oworu, Bafta Sarbo & Eleonore Wiedenroth-Coulibaly
Typeface: Space Grotesk · Florian Karsten

Telling Our Stories is a project by the Initiative Schwarze Menschen e.V.
The project is funded by Stiftung Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft (EVZ).


Steinkampf Flower Cakes
Steinkampf Flower Cakes
Steinkampf Flower Cakes
Steinkampf Flower Cakes
Steinkampf Flower Cakes

Visual identity and logo design for Steinkampf Flower Cakes

Video ‘using one’s feet has become an option of last resort’ (2019)✨in collabration with @tra.my1
shot in Hanoi/Berlin.

Thanks to the team:
Model: @kanucia
Soundtrack: @comic_ans
Tour guide: @mega.storm.93
Production assistance: @hburakyel @ayferezgi @ani_meirs

Moving Sculptures by Tra My Nguyen

From the project “using one’s feet has become an option of last resort” by Tra My Nguyen. 🧩

IFZ Winter'18

Poster series design for Institut für Zukunft⤷ Winter programme (09-11/2020)